Arturo Carmona is assaulted with a gun


Arturo Carmona is assaulted with a gun

The Cuidado con el ángel actor (Univisión) was assaulted in broad daylight while in his car in Mexico City

Arturo Carmona
Everyday more celebs are being targeted in crimes in Mexico City. The most recent star is Arturo Carmona, who was assaulted with a gun while in his car, according to the show La oreja (Televisa). As a result, the Mexican actor's watch was stolen.

The thief approached the car of the 32-year-old actor, and assaulted him with a gun in broad daylight, and told him to take off his watch.

"I was speaking with my mom on the phone," said the Cuidado con el ángel (Univisión) actor. And I could hear my mom who was so frightened and worried. I was distracted, and I wasn't cautious about my surroundings," said the actor.

A few days ago the actress Tanya Vázquez, from Al diablo con los guapos (Univisión), was also mugged in the same manner –threatened with a gun in broad daylight with her watch stolen–in Mexico City.

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