Adela Noriega Is Still the Star of <em>Fuego en la sangre</em>


Adela Noriega Is Still the Star of Fuego en la sangre

Producer Salvador Mejía says Aracely Arámbula won't steal the spotlight from the actress

Adela Noriega
Foto: jpi studios
Fuego en la sangre (Televisa) producer Salvador Mejía knows who the star of his show is. Despite the addition of Aracely Arámbula to the cast, Mejía assures that Adela Noriega will remain in the spotlight.

"The queen of this show is Adela Noriega, and I stand by that," Mejía told the Mexican entertainment program La oreja (Televisa) of the 38-year-old actress. "We recognize that Adela is the star of this show."

In the hopes of laying rumors to rest, the producer further explainedthe role of 33-year-old Arámbula, who will play a sensual Amazon woman. "[Aracely will come in] at the point in the story when Adela and Eduardo Yáñez's characters separate. That's when Aracely intervenes, as well as a Spanish businessman who has something to do with [Adela's character] Sofia," said Mejía.

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