Actor Alan Ledesma Passes Away


Actor Alan Ledesma Passes Away

The Mexican actor lost a battle to cancer at age 29; he participated on Las tontas no van al cielo

Alan Ledesma
Foto: Cortesía de Latin Gossip
On Monday, Mexican actor Alan Ledesma died of stomach cancer in Mexico City. He was 29.

When Ledesma began a round chemotherapy treatment on Feb 13, he was forced to stop working on producer Rosy Ocampo's telenovela Las tontas no van al cielo.

"They discovered a very large tumor and had to cut out six inches of intestines. Later it reached my liver, and they took out part of it. Then came the chemotherapy and the reattachment of the intestine," the late actor explained weeks ago on the show La oreja (Televisa).

Ledesma also participated on Mexican programs like Otro rollo, Toma libre, Mujer, casos de la vida real, Punto de quiebra and En cartelera.

The actor's remains were cremated. Family and friends remember him for his friendship.

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